People want happiness for the same reason that all living entities want happiness – it is our natural position. People want to be happy in their life but it is not possible due to procrastination. Sometimes the worst phase and sometimes-good phase comes in our life. People want to accomplish something in their life, which is the power of their thoughts.

It is not an easy journey for accomplishment. Every journey of life always teaches you a great path but it also plants the seeds of thrones. You have to need to walk on the throne’s path; it shows up your desire and brings you outside from the comfort zone.

What is happiness? We cannot define because it depends on person to person. A few people have plenty of money but they are not happy, a few haven’t plenty of money but they are living a happy life. Happiness depends on our thought of the process, which impacts our minds.

10 Keys To Attain Happiness is written by Rajat Khatri. This is based on Data-Backed Research. He defines the ways of happiness but there are many more things that readers can understand only when they can read them.

Rajat shares his personal experiences, which affected his life. He defined the episodes of his worst phase of life, which led to his unhappiness. The author overcomes his dark phases of life and thereafter, his pursuit to be happy. Rajat Khatri defeated all difficulties or obstacles, which came into his life with positive thoughts and beliefs, and also discusses a few tips that how to cross the river of difficulties or the worst phases of life.

He discusses how exercise keeps mentally and physically fit, but a few people make excuses that they do not have enough time for doing exercise. He also shares a few tips that how to reduce stress in this busy life.

The author says that people forget themselves when they try to fulfill their family’s requirements. Sometimes people are not able to fulfill their family’s demands, which makes them unhappy. This book spares the knowledge of self-love and how to invest in yourself.

In this book, the author defines the perspective of happiness, which describes the principles of happiness. He mentioned some short stories and motivational quotes in his book, which inspires you a lot while reading the book.

The best part of this book is the leaves spaces in the book so that the readers can fill up the answers and the book more becomes like a workbook, which keeps the readers involved by using a new technique after the different intervals.

This book is all about understanding the basics of happiness and research, so it becomes easier for readers to practice the exercises and develop these as a part of the daily routine. All the exercises will help you to understand the power of loving yourself.

Title: 10 Keys To Attain Happiness
Published By: Evincepub Publishing
Reviewed By: Kriti at Writing Quill
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About the author

Rajat Khatri is an MBA – Marketing and Professional in Data Research, Analytics & Consulting – has been a jovial and humorist most of my life. In the tough phases of his life, he found his strength (the art of being and making people happy) missing and that is when he started searching for it just to realize that happiness is all inside.

Rajat found that happiness is not a philosophy rather a science, and a lot of data and research has been conducted to understand the science of happiness. He spent considerable time in understanding this data and research conducted at the major universities of the world and closely followed his mentors who have gained expertise in happiness.

Rajat has been following the practices mentioned in this book for over 7 years and it took him almost a year to pen down the best practices, researches, examples, and activities in the book.

He also founded his company–‘Happy Life Architecture’ ( to guide people in living life happily by understanding the science behind happiness through his workshops, online courses, seminars, groups, and one-to-one coaching.

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