I am glad to review another book “ No Matter What…..I will always love you!” written by a bestseller author Rohit. I have already reviewed his book “The Stupid Someone”; I loved reviewing it and reading it. His narration and plotting of characters are good in his books. I love his writing style and explaining all characters.

The book “No Matter What” has good romance and is also thrilling in parts. The book “No Matter What” started as a regular tale of two people falling in love. College sweethearts, bike rides, and such. But as the story went forward.

Rishi is a cold-minded man, he never wants to be in mess on little things, until it comes to his loved ones. He’s a man who values relations, people, and moments. On the other hand, Mishi is a girl full of life, a moody girlfriend, a career enthusiast, and a fighter girl from inside out. She doesn’t mind messing with people trying to do wrong.

A mix of Hindi in the narrative makes the story grounded. The language and writing style is captivating and vivid respectively that I felt as if I have plunged into the book from the very first chapter.

Let me first talk about the characters. The story takes place in the beautiful city of Manali, what a perfect city for such a beautiful story!

Rishi and Mishi both were narrating the story from their points of view. And the way the author made them narrate the story is something that makes us feel the situations the characters are in. The author has the command of his language and words, which kept the flow of the story intact.

This love story has a mystery with it, which made it even more interesting. The author used some words from other languages too, which is a cute thing. The author also gave sweet creative ideas through Rishi-Mishi for couples to try.

Here are some very important points
  1. Rape is an inhuman act done by some poor-minded people just to fulfill their lust thirst, and when this happens to anyone, we as a society throw taunts on that person, be it a girl or a boy. The author gave his best to slap on this mentality of people around here in our society by words of Rishi. Another important thing is the mention of a Live-In Relationship.

  2. I could not make any opinion about it yet, but I loved the way it is portrayed in the story when a live-in relationship worked out to be a successful marriage. One can fall in love with the same person again and again. Mothers/parents need to tell their kids that even if something bad happens to them, they are not at fault, they can still live their lives to the fullest, suicide is never an option.

  3. Society needs to stop adding salt to the unhealed wounds of others. Love is the most beautiful and the strongest feeling of the world to do any damn thing for. If you’re looking for a quick romantic weekend read, then this is your pick! Go for it!

Title: No Matter What……I will always love you!
Reviewed By: Kriti at Writing Quill
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About the author

Rohit DasewarRohit Dawesar is an author from Indore whose debut novel The Stupid Somebody became a national bestseller even before he signed a contract for his second book NO MATTER WHAT.

Rohit is immensely popular for his Nanotales, short stories and poems that he posts on his social media and on his website www.rohitdawesar.com. Unlike many authors who write since their childhood, Rohit started writing when he understood that the story he had in his mind is a unique one and it needs to be told.

Now a full-time writer who creates magic with words, he also owned a coaching institute for engineering students, was a director at Entrepreneurs Consulting Pvt. Ltd., and also is the co-founder, director of a fast-food restaurant chain named The Urban Gumti. He is a book lover and a movie/ TV series fanatic who would hardly deny a cup of coffee any time.

You can contact and follow him through:

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