Be Your Own Sunshine

Be Your Own Sunshine

Be your sunshine is a collection of four works by James Allen that sum up the How’s, Whys, and What’s of Taming the mind and its infinite energies, channelizing the power of positive thinking and striking a balance between the inner world of our thoughts as against the outer world of action. As a man, Thinketh maps out how our thoughts can affect our physical, mental, emotional, and social health. It also discusses ways in which we can use our visions and ideas to lead us to peace of mind. From passion to peace is a step-by-step discussion on conquering the factors within us that hinder us from achieving success. Man: the king of mind, body, and circumstance aims at freeing us from the slavery of our negative and binding thoughts, enabling us to conquer our inhibitions and set our spirit free. Foundation stones to happiness and success help us lay the foundation for a stronger self, with the right balance of thoughts, speech, and its implementation in action.



It’s a book that is divided into 4 parts

  • As a man thinketh.
  • From passion to peace.
  • Man king of mind, body, and circumstances.
  • Foundation stones to happiness and success.

Each part is explained differently and has its way of impacting us.
“At the end of the day, the only person you are accountable to is yourself.” One of the most important and difficult parts of being a human is understanding yourself; that is what this book helps you do.
Be Your Own Sunshine is a self-help book that inculcates among the readers a wide variety of values and makes them self-reliant.
This book has got the basic main works by the author which describes how our actions/well-being depend on our thoughts; discussions on mental health; factors that hinder success; important discussions on our actions and our speech.
A good package for someone who wants to pick up a good motivational read.
🖋easy to read and follow
🖋perfect for beginners, young readers, and even adults
🖋practical tips and deals with each topic with basic background and discuss well on hit would make an impact