Anshika was born in village. She is an ambitious girl who aspires to become a good doctor. Her biological mother had died while she was barely ten years old. Her stepmother and father disowned her and threw her out of the home.

Nisha befriends Sandeep, Indrajeet, Kabita, and Kriti in the college. After graduation, they go on to pursue their dream, but life does not want to give them a beautiful path. ‘Burdened By Fate’ is a motivational tale of faith, courage, determination, friendship, and hope.



Most of the girls are living in the village area. They want to study and want to achieve a good life and want to be independent in their life. A few parents think that girls are a burden to them. Every villager had learned a good thing that they do not have to differentiate between boys and girls. They focus on every child’s education; they are boys or girls it does not matter for them. They do not give priority to boys. This book is divided into two parts.


A journey from homeless to the doctor
I am going to Bhopal and meet with Ankit. I narrated my past life how to achieve my dream and how to face all struggles in my life. I was born and raised in a village. My biological mother died when I was only 10 years old. My father remarried. My Stepmother and father threw me out of the home. I don’t know how life will treat me in the future.


An Ambitious Girl
I am from a village and met to meet with Anand in college. I was taking tea in the canteen. I narrated my life story and also mention all activities we had done in college. I have a dream but my father and relatives force me to get married. I was not against marriage but firstly I want to achieve my dream, here I am in a situation where I do not know what the fuck is going on