Deep Work: Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted World

Deep Work: Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted World

Cal Newport discusses in his new book, Deep Work: Rules For Focused Success In A Distracted World, how professionals of today have started valuing quantity over quality; and how this has turned young professionals of today into puppets who try to indulge in extensive multitasking, dealing with multiple emails and projects. This prevents them from doing ‘deep work’; which is focused work free from all other distractions. This also means that the professionals of today should sort out their priorities. Newport uses principles of psychology and neuroscience to enhance his points. He elaborates on how to improve a person’s cognitive abilities and how employers should encourage workers to not take shortcuts in completing projects. He claims that the best way to break away from the corporate race is to take a break from technology and social media and use some alone time to rewind and introspect. Newport enforces the beliefs of a non-technophile to deliver work that is productive and efficiently delivered.



Cal Newport, the author, has justified every bit of the reasons for going into ” DEEP WORK “. Newport has smartly handled different schools of thought to address a very common problem of distraction and he also mentioned various reasons and solutions to manage this problem, whether you are a professional or a student. He could finish the book well within 200 pages but he added a few repetitive messages using various examples to justify his stance.

Deep work is a book for everyone although the author emphasizes it for knowledge workers. In my opinion, it is for businessmen who want to achieve their goals in their hectic schedule, teachers (faculties) who want to pursue research despite their academic duties, an entrepreneur who wants to increase the productivity and creativity of the team, or just some random guy who wants to spend some quality time with family but cannot. Books help you to develop self-discipline.

This book can best be placed among books like Outliers/Mastery/Flow/Peak etc. where the importance of work and its consequences are explained. The only thing is Deep work is more detailed in terms of strategies and a bit less on psychology studies.
The book is hardly 300 pages but will require some time to fully understand all hacks & strategies. The work habits of great people like Carl Jung, J K Rowling, Bill Gates, Walter Isaacson, and many others are very well explained. The author also writes about his life and experience.

After reading this book you will be more productive, you might be able to schedule every minute/hour/day of your life, and you would be able to effectively choose your career job and not fall for dead-end jobs, and lastly decipher what is fact from fiction when it comes to big companies.