The Science of Mind Management

The Science of Mind Management

The quality of our mind determines the quality of the life we lead. It can be our greatest ally or our worst adversary. A mind that runs amok could steal our inner peace and undermine every productive endeavor. Yet, with proper knowledge, training and discipline, it is possible to unleash the mind’s infinite potential.

In The Science of Mind Management, Swami Mukund Ananda charts the four different aspects of the human mind and lays down a clear path towards mastering it. Through witty anecdotes, real-life accounts and stories from the Vedic scriptures, he gently guides readers on the road to winning their inner battle.



The author of this book Swami Mukundananda has collected all the marvels and created another marvel of wisdom in modern times. It’s a much-needed book during this pandemic where people are losing peace of mind and this book going to help you with the mind management technique. The author delivered messages in a very simple yet profound manner.

The Science of Mind Management is a great book. It is easy to understand, and the writer uses very simple and straightforward language and examples, to explain it. There are summaries at the end of each chapter to recap the key points. The witty cartoons and interesting examples from many different thinkers, saints, stories, and shlokas keep the reading light yet insightful and knowledgeable.