Wake Up, Life is Calling

Wake Up, Life is Calling

What if your mind is your greatest enemy? What if you were living your worst nightmare? How would you cope? Ankita has fought a mental disorder, been through hell, and survived two suicide attempts. Now in Mumbai, surrounded by her loving and supportive parents, everything seems idyllic. She is not on medication. She is in a college she loves, studying her dream subject: Creative Writing. At last leading an ‘everyday life, she immerses herself in every bit of it. Underneath the surface, however, there is trouble brewing. A book she discovers in her college library draws her in, consumes her, and sends her into terrifying darkness that twists and tears her apart. To make matters worse, a past boyfriend resurfaces, throwing her into further turmoil. Can she escape her thoughts? Will Ankita survive the ordeal a second time around? What does life have in store for her? Preeti Shenoy’s compelling sequel to the iconic bestseller Life is What You Make It chronicles the resilience of the human mind and the immense power of positive thinking. The gripping narrative demonstrates with gentle wisdom how by changing our thoughts, we can change our lives themselves.



Fighting someone else is easy, but a person’s greatest fight is the one he/she has to fight with him/herself on daily basis. Ankita was a bipolar patient and is looking forward to starting her new life locking away her past. But is it the right way to deal with it? This book taught me how one can never lock their past away. It will always find a way back in your life. The only way to deal with it is to accept it, to accept the mistakes you have made, to accept the wrongs you have been through. Only then you will be able to make peace with it and grow out of it.

The emotional Turmoil, the anxiety, the insecurities, and the hopes Ankita, along with lots of life lessons she got, is something that everyone can correlate to. I like the way she messed up and obsessive thoughts are mentioned in the book. Breaking down the stigma around mental health, this book helps us see mental illness from the perspective of the person that suffers from it day in and day out.