Love is a part of life. Without love we cannot survive our life, it is necessary for everyone. Sometimes we love someone but he or she does not love us. We know that someone cannot love us. Sometimes we propose to him or her but she or he does not accept our proposal, which hurts us or gave me positive energy for a better life. The book “Someone’s rejection can make your life” written by Shivangi Yadav defines that if you love someone from the heart then destiny will patch you.”

This book starts with pain and lastly with happiness. The main character of this book is a beautiful, charming, loving girl called Arshi. This story is based on “dream comes true”. We all have our dream partner in our hearts and the same Arshi is a girl who dreamed about her life partner or wanted to fall in love with a guy who was coming in her dream. One day Arshi met a guy and fell in love with him. She thinks that he is her dream boy. She started drastically loving him. But he was never in a relationship with Arshi.

Arshi proposed to him three times, but he ditched her every time and she was getting hurt almost every time. But the last time he ditched her, she was heartbroken and deeply hurt. After having so many heartbreaks, she managed to let her life move on a straight path as it was before he arrived in her life. It was a life-changing experience for her. Once again, she started living a normal and basic life.

After seven years he realized that Arshi loved him very much then he decided to propose to her. He met with Arshi and felt guilty. He proposed to her and said that he will never repeat this mistake, which he had done in the past.

Did she accept his proposal? How did she change her life three times heartbroken? You can go through this book and will get emotional and hurt the breaking story, which teaches something good to all teenagers. It is an age when maximum teenagers feel attracted to the opposite sex. They forget their priority in life and love someone who does not have a value of love. They ruin their life mentally, physically, and emotionally.

Shivangi Yadav wrote this book especially for teenagers who faced many problems but feel nervous while sharing their problems with their parents. Shivangi Yadav has beautifully added this whole story in this book. Even the language used is very simple.

Life is full of opportunities and chances so do not ruin your life only for someone who does not deserve it in life.

Title: Someone’s rejection can make your life
Published By: Evincepub Publishing
Reviewed By: Anjali at Writing Quill
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About the author

Her works got published in Roobaroo vol. 2 which is published by Criticspace journals and Eviencepub publishing where she wrote 4 poems, “hum waha chale aaye”, “un mahino me”, “sath mere tu tha” and “tujhe pane ki aas me”. She is an author of “Someone’s rejection can make your life”.

Apart from writing poetry and stories, she is a motivational speaker and always ready to help and advise well to others. She believes that poetry and writing is the best medium through which we can express our feelings.

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