The Stupid Somebody

“The Stupid Somebody” is a heart touching and intriguing story. The Stupid Somebody is a story of struggles and hard work. It’s a love story, which described the true love between a stammering boy Rohit and a cute girl Sherly, and tells us how real love triumphs over everything.

The author says that ‘life is not a piece of cake that you grab and gulp. You have to earn it before you can eat it.”

He believes that “Every dog has its day. And there is greatness in each one of everyone here.” He wrote a poem, which inspires anyone to overcome any hurdle in life.

“When the going gets tough,
You learn to be together,
When someone stops your way,
You learn to make your way.
If you decide to get sold,
Nobody cares to buy you,
And if you remain to unsold,
The whole world will come running after you”

Rohit has a passion for public speaking; he opts to become a motivational trainer, therefore he started training students and training in a corporate firm, and  invests one year of his life in running a coaching institute. Rohit is on this journey of becoming famous when he meets his childhood best friend Sherly, in a very unpredictable way. Rohit says that“ Love is such a wonderful dish. No matter how it is served, its taste is simply out of the world.

Rohit meets with Sherly’s parents because she told that she wants to get married to him. But Rohit does not get a green signaled from her parent. However, being ambitious and career-oriented, He did not notice Sherly’s wishes. Their interests crashed and they left heart-broken.

At some points, this book will show you how love stories unfold in typical Indian society as Sherly leaves. Rohit just to make her parents happy and she realizes that Rohit can’t love her the way she loves after all Rohit is in love with his dream of becoming a Motivational trainer.

Rohit is a master of all his plans, that he could not harm anyone and get his love back. That’s impressive and gave you strength too. The story goes with a very good flow the author planned it fantastically. The book is worth reading. Every chapter will attract you towards another.

The language used in the story is very simple and understandable. The plus point of this book is that the conversation is good too. The author has reflected the present scenario through his narration and perfect storytelling skills. Nothing to boast about, it is easy to connect with the author and book due to comfortable flow and easy language which turned out to be the icing on the cake.

Title: The Stupid Someone
Reviewed By: Kriti at Writing Quill
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About the author

Rohit DasewarRohit Dawesar is an author from Indore whose debut novel The Stupid Somebody became a national bestseller even before he signed a contract for his second book NO MATTER WHAT.

Rohit is immensely popular for his Nanotales, short stories and poems that he posts on his social media and on his website Unlike many authors who write since their childhood, Rohit started writing when he understood that the story he had in his mind is a unique one and it needs to be told.

Now a full-time writer who creates magic with words, he also owned a coaching institute for engineering students, was a director at Entrepreneurs Consulting Pvt. Ltd., and also is the co-founder, director of a fast-food restaurant chain named The Urban Gumti. He is a book lover and a movie/ TV series fanatic who would hardly deny a cup of coffee any time.

You can contact and follow him through:

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